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Welcome to the Website for Anthropology as a Career!

What is Anthropology? You must wonder. Well, this page is going to tell you about this specific profession. So, don't worry if you're not sure you want this to be your possible future career.

Anthropology from Kula on Vimeo.

Neanderthal Genome Project: New Insights into Human Evolution from Linda Hall Library on Vimeo.

A Study in Bones from Andrea Henk on Vimeo.

Anthropology is the study of humankind. It's history, its origins, and its many different cultures.

There are four branches, or fields to Anthropology. They are:

  1. Archaeological Anthropology
  2. Biological Anthropology
  3. Sociocultural Anthropology
  4. and
  5. Linguistic Anthropology

Four Fields of Anthropology
Archaeological Biological Sociocultural Linguistic
  • Artifacts
    • Jewelry
    • Artwork
      • Vases
      • Paintings
      • Water Pitchers
    • Paleoanthropology
    • Primatology
    • Human Behavioral Ecology
    • Human Biology
    • Bioarchaeology
    • Paleopathology
    • Forensic Anthropology

    (Source: Wikipedia)

    1. Beliefs
    2. Culture
    3. Customs
    4. Society
    1. Language
    2. Grammar
    3. Speech
    4. How Languages are Created
    5. How Languages Change Over Time